December 6, 2005

Mr. Ron Wexler
President/CEO, Ten Commandments Commission
Mr. Myles Munroe
Chairman, Ten Commandments Commission
P.O. Box 811437
Boca Raton, FL  33481-2527


Congratulations on the leadership you gentlemen have exhibited in establishing the Ten Commandments Commission.

The enclosed written materials will explain why I am writing to each of you at this time.  Please know that I am a volunteer in this effort.  Enclosed are the following:

(1) Letter signed by 27 leaders in the Evangelical community of America requesting Congress to adopt the substance of what is contained in S520 and HR1070.  I drafted this letter, procured the signatures, and speak for this group.

(2) Copies of S520 and HR1070.

(3) Endorsement form to be signed by supporters of  legislation.

The four objectives of the Ten Commandments Commission eloquently state the need for this organization.  There is one objective that needs to be added and it would read substantially as follows:

To request Congress to pass The Constitution Restoration Act of 2005, S520 in the Senate and HR1070 in the House of Representatives which will allow the Ten Commandments to be posted in public buildings in America.

I am requesting that you add this fifth objective to your previously stated four objectives described in your website.

Support of this fifth objective, the legislation herein described, will indeed lead to the accomplishment of your first four stated objectives.

Enclosed is a written endorsement of S520 and HR1070 that I am sure as a member of the Ten Commandments Commission, you will be happy to sign.  Please sign it and return it to me in the stamped, self-addressed envelope.

It is important that you return this statement to me by December 16, 2005, in order that your statement may be properly forwarded to members of Congress.

I applaud your efforts to mobilize persons of all faiths in maintaining the Ten Commandments as part of our heritage.  I am requesting that when individuals purchase the Ten Commandments Pin that you send with the pin a copy of the endorsement form so they too can be truly involved in accomplishing the goals of your organization.

It would be a big help in the furtherance of the objectives of the Ten Commandment Commission to post a copy of the enclosed endorsement form on your website.

Polling data reveals that 75% of the American people want Congress to pass S520 and HR1070.

My fourteen years of service in the House of Representatives has taught me a few things of how Congress operates.  One reality is that Congress does not lead, it responds to input from the people of America

Each of the members of your organization interact with people in many different ways.  Those involved with TV and radio should request their listening audiences to write, fax or call their members of Congress to pass S520 and HR1070.  Senator Shelby and/or Congressman Aderholt should be invited to appear and be interviewed.  If neither of these gentlemen is available, I would be willing to have an opportunity to explain the issue.

Those involved with ministries other than TV and radio should request that the persons with whom they come in contact, write, fax or call their members of Congress to pass S520 and HR1070.

May God richly bless your efforts to acknowledge that He exists and created this world and gave mankind directions on how to relate to Him and each other.

William E. Dannemeyer


P.S.  On November 21, 2005, the Louisiana State Legislature unanimously adopted the enclosed resolution asking Congress to adopt S520 and HR1070.