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Who Is Purposefully Destroying America And Why?

A Letter From One Former Congressman To Another

            Congratulations on becoming a member of the visible government in Washington, D.C.  As a donor to your various campaigns I have always admired your grasp of what needs to be done in the area of public policy.  Thank you for the consistent affirmation of common sense.

            Just a short paragraph of why I am taking the time to send you the enclosed materials.  As you may recall, from 1979-1992, I too was a member of the visible government from a Congressional District in Orange County.  For these fourteen years, I naively believed that we, the elected-visible members of the Congress, made the laws which governed our country.  How wrong I was!

            The invisible government runs our country and has to a large extent done so since 1913 when Congress passed the unconstitutional private Federal Reserve System which stole control of our money supply in direct conflict of Article 1, Section 8 (5) of the U.S. Constitution which vested control of our money in Congress.

            These written materials identify the invisible government that runs America and the world and has as its goal the New World Order.  I began reading this material about five years ago:

            (1)  BENJAMIN FREEDMAN SPEAKS: A JEWISH DEFECTOR WARNS AMERICA.   Start with pages 8 and 9 and learn that the Khazars comprise 92% of the so-called Jews of the world.  They have no connection with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.  Freedman describes in detail how these Khazars came to Palestine in 1948 and began the State of Israel.  Freedman describes the whole episode as one of the greatest hoax in history.

            (2)  MYRON FAGAN, born a Jew, became a Christian and in his career became a very successful Broadway producer and Hollywood producer.  Two cassette tapes:

            (a)   The Illuminati (two tapes)

            (b)   Red Star over Hollywood (two tapes)

            The U.S. Branch of the Illuminati is the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR).  The CFR has over 3,000 members; more than 70% are Jews.  The Illuminati has two goals:
            (a)       Destroy all governments; and
            (b)       Destroy all religions

These tapes can be ordered from Emissary Publications by calling 503-824-2050, or visiting their website at

            (3)  THE HIGH PRIESTS OF WAR BY MICHAEL COLLINS PIPER – Learn why we are in Iraq and who the neo-cons are who have taken over our country. This book is published by American Free Press, 645 Pennsylvania Avenue, SE, Suite 100, Washington, D.C. 20003,

            (4)  THE SECRETS OF THE FEDERAL RESERVE BY EUSTACE MULLINS, 1991.  The book is only 185 pages and is out of print.  You can get a copy from the Library of Congress, No. 83-072665.  It is the best source I have read on the theft of our money supply.  It is sobering to realize that since 1913, all policy decisions of the privately owned Federal Reserve System have been dictated by five banks in London which control a majority stock interest in three U.S. Banks which in turn hold and control a majority stock interest in the New York Federal Reserve which controls all actions of the Federal Reserve System.


            (6)  STATEMENT BY ROBERT REICH, JANUARY 7, 1999, former Secretary of Labor on the irrelevance of Congress.

            (7)  PAGE 215 OF A BOOK BY STEPHEN SIZER “CHRISTIAN ZIONISM”, 2004, recording that the Jews have bought control of the U.S. Congress.

            (8)  STATEMENT BY ALAN GREENSPAN IN 1966 concerning the consequence of disconnecting the American dollar from gold.

            (9)  STATEMENT BY DR. JUDY WOODS AND DR. STEVEN JONES, scientists and engineers, that from the laws of physics the only way you can get a 110 story building into its footprint in 8 and or 10 seconds is by a controlled demolition.

            (10)  MY CARD DESCRIBING MY WEBSITE “TAKEBACKOURRIGHTS.ORG”, containing two speeches I have been giving around the country:

                     (a)   “Who Runs America?”
                     (b)   “Now the Government can Legally Kill Christians”

            (11)  NEW WORLD ORDER WRITTEN BY DR. LORRAINE DAY.  Leaders of Canada, the United States and Mexico are determined to combine the three countries into one region.  The goal for this combining is 2010.  Presidential candidates Obama and McCain are totally committed as is George W. Bush, our current President.  Congress is out of the loop.  Congress is an irrelevant appendage that has quietly morphed into a faceless and toothless bunch of folks who have allowed the office of President to have dictatorial powers and the U.S. Supreme Court to wrongly interrupt the First Amendment to turn America into a secular country which teaches children in government public schools that God does not exist.

            Article III, section II of the U.S. Constitution can be used by Congress to reign in an out of control U.S. Supreme Court but lacks the vision to see the crucial need to do so let alone the will to get the deed done.

            After reading this material the question that is asked is a simple one, namely, what can one member, or indeed the whole Congress do to once again have three co-equal branches of Government to function in such a way as to give life to the dream of Thomas Jefferson whose words in the Declaration of Independence described the basis on which America was founded, namely, how best to advance the enjoyment of the God given rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness?

            If any member of Congress explained to his constituents or the people of America how Zionists Jews have taken over the country and that America is now committed to advance the interests of the State of Israel and the interests of the American people take second place, he or she may soon be out of office.  The American people have the privilege of realizing a slow decline in our standard of living and an increasingly oppressive tax burden at all levels of Government.

            Republican Paul Findley of Illinois lost his Illinois House seat to now Senator Dick Durbin because he told the truth about Jewish control of America.

            Senators Percy of Illinois and Fulbright of Arkansas were removed from membership in the U.S. Senate because they had the nerve to state publicly that American interests should be the primary concern of the U.S. Congress, and the interests of the State of Israel would have to recognize this priority.

            For starters, get to know Congressman Ron Paul from Texas.  He has such a through knowledge of the privately owned Federal Reserve System and the evil that it has done to all Americans that his movement astounded the ruling elite in the CFR in New York City.

            Getting rid of the Fed and reclaiming control of the money supply, which is the right of Congress under the U.S. Constitution, is a good beginning.  Ron struck a cord with huge quantities of common folk in America in his 2008 Presidential bid and his use of the Internet struck a huge blow to the egos of the Jewish moguls in the media who control TV, Radio, Newspapers, Magazines and Hollywood.

                                                                        Very truly yours,



                                                                        William E. Dannemeyer