The Noahide Laws

The Jews’ Secret Way to Murder Christians – by Beheading!!

And Most Christians Don’t Even Know These Laws Have Been PASSED by the United States Government!

Lorraine Day, M.D.


The “holiest” books of the religion of Judaism and the books that are the foundation of the entire secular culture of the Jews – religious or non-religious – are known as the Talmud, a racist, bigoted series of books full of vile hatred toward Jesus, Christianity, Christians, and every other non-Jew, as well.

The Talmud calls for the eventual slaughter of ALL “Gentiles”!  It is undoubtedly the most Racist, Bigoted, Hateful series of books in the entire world!

The Talmud is the compilation of the false doctrines that were strongly rebuked by Jesus Himself when He was on earth.  He referred to them as the “traditions of the elders” that “make the law of God of none effect.”  For hundreds of years, the Pharisees passed them down from one generation to another as “Oral Traditions.”  But finally they were written down and made into Jewish law - after the Jews had murdered Jesus Christ. 

When the city of Jerusalem and its Temple were destroyed in A.D. 70, and the Jews were taken into captivity, the pagan heresies that had, since the pagan worship of the golden calf in the wilderness, been slowly infiltrating the true religion of the Israelites (which was the worship of the TRUE God and the coming Messiah, Jesus Christ), the Pharisees committed the “Oral Traditions” to paper, and the many books of these “Oral Traditions” were collectively called – the Talmud. 

It was then that the paganism that had been performed in secret for hundreds of years – even by the priests in the temple – that undermined the worship of the true God, now became open and public, overwhelming the truths God had given to the Israelites.  These heresies were written down in the books that subsequently became known as the Talmud (literally: “the teachings”) which became the “holiest” books of the religion of Judaism.

The religion of Judaism began AFTER Jesus was crucified – not before.  Judaism was NOT the religion of the Old Testament.  The religion of the Israelites in the Old Testament was - - - Christianity.  The whole Old Testament is a history of a people – the Israelites – looking forward to the coming of the Messiah – Jesus Christ.  When Jesus was on earth, He said to the Pharisees:

You search the Scriptures, thinking that in THEM you have eternal (literally – eonian) life; but THEY (the Old Testament Scriptures) are they that testify OF ME!   (John 5:39)

Jesus was clearly stating that the Scriptures testified of Jesus Christ.  And remember that the only “Scriptures” that had been written at that time were the books of the OLD Testament. 

Jesus is revealing that the focus of the ENTIRE Old Testament is Jesus Christ – NOT Israel!

Israel was constantly straying from God – “whoring” after pagan gods, as God Himself stated numerous times.  It was this undercurrent of paganism that began with the worship of the golden calf in the wilderness, and proceeded through the rebellion of Korah, Dathan and Abiram (Numbers, Chapter 16), and the wickedness of the sons of Eli, and the abominations done by the Priests in the temple as recorded in many Chapters in Ezekiel (especially Chapters 8-16) including the worship of the pagan god, Tammuz, the worship of beasts and insects, and the worship of the Sun god, that culminated in the spiritual blindness of the Pharisees and virtually ALL the Jews in NOT recognizing Jesus Christ as their Messiah – and their subsequent dastardly murder of Jesus by Crucifixion.

The murder of Jesus Christ was the culmination of hundreds of years of wickedness on the part of the Jews and their leaders, the Pharisees, leading to total spiritual blindness, the result of which was the beginning of the false religion of Judaism, with its diabolic “holy” books collectively called – the Talmud.

The origin of the Noahide Laws is the Talmud.  The Noahide Laws have NOTHING to do with Noah, but are given this name to deceive the masses, and to try to give these diabolic “laws” Biblical credibility and authority.  Unfortunately, the vast majority of Christians have never even heard of the Noahide Laws, even though their (the Christians’) Death Sentence is “signed, sealed and delivered” within these “Laws.”

These outrageously evil Talmudic Noahide Laws were concocted by the Jews as a way to 1) take control of, 2) rule over, and 3) EXTERMINATE - ALL  Christians, and ALL “Gentiles”!

But a large number of these totally CLUELESS “Christian” Zionists, including Pastor John Hagee, James Dobson, Chuck Colson, Chuck Swindoll, Benny Hinn (who is Jewish), Kenneth Copeland, Tim LaHaye, Joyce Meyer, the late Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson, and many other prominent Evangelists and Pastors  are actually spending their time PROMOTING and DEFENDING the very people who are planning to EXTERMINATE them!

John Hagee has publicly declared that the Primary Mission of the “Christian” Church is to SUPPORT ISRAEL!

Whatever happened to the definition of a Christian being - first and foremost – a follower of Jesus Christ?

“Christian Zionism” IS the SECOND Beast of Revelation 13, the FIRST Beast being Jewish Zionism.  You will notice in that Chapter that the second beast, Christian Zionism, does exactly what the first beast, Jewish Zionism, tells it to do.

Eventually, Jewish Zionism – working behind the scenes – will manipulate the Christian Zionists into forcing ALL on earth to worship the Jews – and - to worship Satan, who is the acknowledged leader of, and gives authority to, both the first and second beasts – the Jews and the “Christian” Zionists.

We can see that Satanic Plot developing right before our eyes in the ranks of the 70 million evangelical Christian dispensationalists – those who believe that the Jews (who are persecuting and genociding the Palestinians and the people – especially Christians – in many other nations around the world) – are God’s “chosen people.” 

Their utter spiritual blindness is absolutely shocking!

We will see in this study that the Orthodox Jews plan to rule over every “Gentile” in the world, referring to them (us) as Hasidic Gentiles, those who are under the control of the Orthodox Hasidic Jews, by the imposition of the Noahide Laws.

The Jews do not want the Gentiles to convert to Judaism because they view Gentiles as lower than beasts and consider contact with a Gentile as “defilement.”  All Gentile women are called Whores by the Talmud, and all little Gentile girls are called – Little Whores.  All Gentile men are considered homosexuals by the Talmud.  And if a Jewish woman marries a Gentile man, the Jewish woman now is termed a Whore.

However if a Jewish prostitute has sex with a Jewish man (a “John”), she is NOT considered a Whore!

You can see why Jesus said, “You have made the word of God of NO EFFECT through your (Oral) Traditions, which you have handed down. (Mark 7:13)


The Jews Threaten Dannemeyer

with a SMEAR Campaign!

William E. Dannemeyer
U.S. Congressman, 1979-1992


On March 14, 2008, I, former Congressman Bill Dannemeyer, the author of the above article, received a letter sent Priority Mail with Delivery Confirmation, from Boruch Ellison, writing for the organization called, Jews and Hasidic Gentiles – United to Save America (JAHG – USA).  The letter was dated and Postmarked March 10, 2008.

It was addressed to me as the Director of my Organization called “Americans for Voluntary School Prayer.”  That name and its accompanying address is given on my website at

Accompanying the letter were several pages, obviously meant to intimidate me, containing names of well over a hundred Jewish rabbis, mostly from New York, who are members of, or support, this organization.  The goal of the organization is to enforce the Noahide Laws on every Gentile, making them slaves under the “rule” of the Hasidic Jews, with the penalty of beheading for any violation of these Satanic-inspired Noahide Laws.

In the letter, there is no mention of my website article entitled “Now the U.S. Government Can Legally Kill Christians,” exposing the Jews and their treachery and fraud in getting the Noahide Laws surreptitiously passed by only FOUR Congressmen – and under false pretenses (Education Day!) - yet claiming the Resolution was passed by “Unanimous Consent.  But it is obvious that the March 10 letter was in response, at least indirectly, to that article, as the only place the author of the letter could have found that particular address and the name of the organization was on that website.

Do you think there is any chance this group of Hasidic Jews, intent on enslaving ALL Gentiles under these ghastly Talmudic “laws,” could have missed this article that revealed their dastardly underhanded dealings?

The letter is a Set-up, in fact, it is Blackmail: “Either sign our petition condemning Palestinian ‘terrorism,’ or we will start a SMEAR Campaign against you.”

Please note that the letter arrived on Friday, March 14, 2008 – and an answer was arbitrarily demanded by the following Friday, March 21, 2008, or they would begin the SMEAR Campaign, telling the world that I, Bill Dannemeyer, had refused to “condemn terrorism.”


Essentially, they gave me approximately ONE DAY to answer their letter and get it in the mail, so it could be delivered back to them by March 21, the deadline that they were arbitrarily imposing on me.  (A copy of my letter was also e-mailed to them on March 21, 2008.)

If I had been out of town for a few days, or had not promptly picked up the letter from my office address for some other reason, their arbitrary “deadline” would have passed without my even being aware of their letter, and they would have considered themselves “free and justified” to begin their libelous campaign against me.

But fortunately, their sinister plan for Blackmail was foiled.

Posted below are, 1) their letter to me, and, 2) my response.  I think you will agree that my response needs no explanation.