The Supreme Court has prohibited the public display of the Ten Commandments and eliminated prayer in Public Schools. The word “God” in the Pledge of Allegiance and in our national motto “In God We Trust,” may also be in jeopardy. Over the Past 50 years, the decisions of the U.S. Supreme Court as well as the federal courts at all levels, have taken away YOUR freedoms. What can YOU do? Review this documentation and urge your Congressman and Senators to reintroduce S520 and HR1070, The Constitution Restoration Act!

1. Take back your rights. Support these bills. Sign the flyer and send to your Senators and Congressman. (Download, then print, sign and fax or mail.)
2. Who Runs America? The answer will surprise you!
3. What do the majority of Americans want in relation to this issue?

Polling data Overwhemingly Supports S520 and HR1070, The Constitution Restoration Act of 2005.
4. How many states refer to "God" in their own Constitutions?
5. The Ten Commandments Commission
6. How will the proposed legislation accomplish this goal? S520 and HR1070
7. Has this type of legislation worked before?
8. Who supported these bills?
9. Get these resolutions passed in your city, county and state.
10. How does Marbury v. Madison relate to The Constitution Restoration Act of 2005?

These are the ways the Supreme Court has taken away your rights:

In Kentucky, the court stated it is all right to display the Ten Commandments provided you do not believe in God.
Removed the Ten Commandments from public school walls and government buildings
Banned all types of prayer from public schools, including prayers at graduation, at sporting events, and short periods of silence for private meditation and/or voluntary prayer.
Ruled that the only theory that can be taught in public schools in America is evolution. Creation viewpoints are not allowed.
Made a concerted effort to move America from the higher laws of God to the lower laws of man.

These two new bills have been introduced into Congress to protect your freedom to acknowledge God - S520 in the Senate and HR1070 in the House of Representatives.

These bills will help to restore your freedom by:
Allowing expression of faith in public
Allowing the display of the Ten Commandments in public places
Retaining "God" in the Pledge of Allegiance
Retaining "In God We Trust" as the national motto
Mandating that the Supreme Court will not have jurisdiction over these areas and will NOT be allowed to modify or eliminate these Constitutional freedoms.

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